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Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard

For many people, longboards are most attractive for their utility in commuting. They go much faster than skateboards because of their aerodynamic shapes and bigger wheels. Also, they can make much smoother turns, which is awesome when navigating city streets. This, with another huge plus point — they’re extremely lightweight and portable compared to, say, a bicycle — makes longboards perfect for commuting.

If you’re looking for a good, cheap and portable longboard for commuting, you’re reading the right review! I’m going to review the Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard here, which is a really great commuting longboard! The Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard is great for casual longboarders wanting to get from place to place quickly. Yes, you love Longboard Reviews, I know. Read the full review below the fold!

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 Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard Review

Santa Cruz Skateboards is a skateboard/longboard company that has been around for years. It was founded in 1973 in California and has been making all these amazing boards for decades. Therefore, it is with confidence that I assure you, the Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard will be of pretty high quality.

Before I continue discussing the Santa Cruz Land Shark longboard in detail, let me first go into its specifications. The Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard boasts of the following:

  • Flat Concave Land Shark Cruzer
  • 27.5-inch length
  • 16.5-inch wheelbase
  • 2.7-inch nose
  • 4.3-inch kick tail

The Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard, dubbed a ‘Cruzer’ (Yes, a play on the word ‘Cruiser’), is a compact longboard designed for quick cruising and commuting. It’s a pretty gorgeous looking board, as you can see below:

Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard review

 commuting longboard

Really good looking, huh?

Also, a 27.5-inch length is extremely tiny for a longboard, which is why the Santa Cruz Land Shark longboard is perfect for commuting — it’s lightweight and compact, so you can bring it anywhere. I’ll go into detail with this in the Pros and Cons below!

Pros and Cons: Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard

As I had mentioned earlier, the lightweight and mini size of this longboard make it really portable — you can basically carry it around everywhere, and even strap it to a skateboard backpack! Now, imagine doing this with a bicycle. You can’t.

A longboard also cruises much faster than a skateboard, so the Santa Cruz Land Shark longboard is likely to cut commuting time by half, which is excellent.

It’s also pretty cheap. It’s less than $100 on Amazon, which is great for a casual longboard for traveling/transportation.

Finally, the icing on the cake for the Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard? It rides really smooth and quiet, and making turns on it is so easy even a toddler could do it! This makes it perfect for navigating street corners and smaller areas. Just take a look at this video to see how easy it is to carve and cruise corners on the Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard:

Cruising certainly looks sleek and stylish with it.

The only gripe I’d have with the Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard is that it has a swallowtail — it’s not ideal for doing tricks. But then again, if you want a longboard that does tricks, you shouldn’t really be getting this


  • Less than $100
  • Light, small and portable — perfect for transportation
  • Good looking
  • Rides smoothly and quietly — you’ll look stylish!
  • Makes turn extremely easily


  • Kicktail doesn’t work well for tricks

Verdict: Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard

This is a GREAT choice if you’re looking for a longboard to travel with. As described, it fits all the prerequisites of a good cruising longboard, with the added bonus that it’s absolutely gorgeous. At the cheap price it comes at, the Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard is without a doubt, definitely, one of the best Beginner cruising longboards you can get!

Where to buy the Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard

The Santa Cruz Land Shark longboard can be bought really cheap. As if it’s the low price isn’t already enough, Amazon has it for a whopping $35 off, with free shipping! The best place to buy this longboard is, therefore, without a doubt, Amazon, where it ships free and within 3 working days. At just $99, it’s a steal.

Click here to see the Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard on Amazon

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