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I Love Longboarding

Why hello there! My name is Josh, and I am an immense longboarding enthusiast — I love longboarding.

I will aim to provide you with the best news about Longboard Reviews. If you have anything you’d love to see discussed on my website, just get in touch with me — or leave me a comment, dear friend!

I will try my very best to bring you longboard updates every week, and I’m sure this is will be a great resource for Longboard Reviews!

Longboard Reviews is a site dedicated to longboard reviews for longboarding, an amazing, rewarding and challenging sport.

What is longboarding?

Longboarding is, in a nutshell, a sport similar to skateboarding and surfing; think of it as a combination of both — surfing on concrete! Longboards allow you to engage in a variety of activities — they can be used for transport, slaloming (going through a range of obstacles) or speed-riding, which is going down a course such as a hill or a mountain quickly.

To us, however, longboarding is particularly exciting in that it turns the mundanity of transportation into a whole new, incredible experience. Take a look at this video to see what we mean:

Cruising down a course at high-speed can be done alone but still offer plenty of satisfaction. The feeling of wind blowing in your face while you ride down a hill quickly, is, in our opinion, pretty much unmatched!

Longboard Reviews

When starting out at longboarding, you will undoubtedly need to get a nice longboard for yourself. As a beginner with so many choices to choose from, you will definitely need some advice. With different options and specifications for each longboard, from its stability to size and its design, there is an INSANE amount of longboards out there today. Well, you’ll have to make an informed decision, and that’s what this site is for!

We will review longboards by a wide range of brands from Atom Longboards to Krown Longboards so you can easily decide on your longboard. A good starter board is crucial for beginners, so this site will be great for you.

With that said, we hope Longboard Reviews will become your favorite resource for finding the perfect longboard!