Are you too old to Longboard? 6 tips to win the number!

At what age are we too old to Longboard skate? Some adults think that skateboarding is no longer for them because they are too old. Others take it easy and find it more difficult to keep progressing with the weight of the years. So, is there an age limit for skateboarding? Until what age can we start, learn and progress?

Age is just number! Credit

Start skateboarding even as an adult!

From 25-30 years old, regular Longboarders find that their body begins to show some signs of fatigue. Where the body could easily go through several days of intensive skateboarding, it now takes a little longer to recover and a little more longer to be at 100%. Skaters who listen to their bodies, therefore, adapt their practice. Warm-up before skating. No need to jog, but 10 minutes of easy skateboarding is enough. Push on your board, do a few well-mastered tricks while the machine is warming up.

6 must for Longboarders

Stretch after the session. It’s hard, but a flexible body is a sporty body that ages well.

Have a healthy lifestyle. Drink well (water) during the practice and sleep well in particular.

Learn to compose. Work, family life, responsibilities: before jumping on a potentially dangerous figure, the constraints of adult life encourage us to ease off. It should not prevent skating though you must nevertheless think twice before starting.

Accept that the performances are more difficult to come with the age but, also that the experience is there and still allows to compete with the small young people.

Accept to develop your skateboarding practice towards less fall and less trauma for the body: curve or even the ride rather than the street.

Take good care of yourself. The older body takes longer to repair than a young body. And a poorly treated injury lasts longer.

The older skater must adapt his practice. It is not that difficult and it allows, with all the previous points in mind, to continue practicing for a very long time. Over 50 years old. It is also the age of the first skaters of the modern age!

On the other hand, the one who does not listen to his body and does not maintain it will break it. So no choice: a happy old skateboarder is a skateboarder who makes compromises.

Vigilance for adult skateboarders who have taken a break

There is a dangerous situation: believing that you do not lose anything. May the sensations and the technique do not really go away with the years on the other hand the muscle tone goes away quickly enough.

The one who takes a break for a few months and gets back to his board is much more likely to be injured than the one who has not stopped skating. So be careful. Only a few months are enough to lose, so whoever has taken a year-long boring vacation from the fun, needs to be especially vigilant.

In addition, frustration can quickly arise (the crisis of the old skateboarder 😉 ). Seeing yourself regress can be a difficult feeling to accept. But instead of looking for performance, don’t forget that the pleasure of simple tricks that fit every time is also very pleasant. And then, what’s the point of comparing yourself to the youngest people who spend their time on their boards and who perform? Each age has its own specificities and limits at least it should have!

Start Longboarding as an adult

Learning to skate as an adult is more complicated than as a child or teenager. Like all new activities, learning is more difficult with age. The specificity of skateboarding is mainly due to falls. They are unavoidable and regularly violent. A heavy, poorly trained body bounces less well than a light, flexible and muscular body. A poorly trained body, overweight, frailties accumulated over the years … and it quickly becomes an injury.

So the best advice to start skateboarding as an adult is:

6 Tips for Old Longboarders

  • Go to a skate shop and ask for a suitable board that is wide and very stable.
  • Forget and make fun of the appearance. Branded clothes are good for kids but they don’t make the skateboarder.
  • Wearing good skate shoes (or even high skate shoes) is a real plus for the body.
  • Start with the walk and take the time to have fun in the flat.
  • Learn to fall but must remember to use equipment like helmets, knee pads, wrist guards.
  • To progress on the curve such as skatepark and especially ramps and bowls even if they are scary. They are ultimately less dangerous if you hold the right techniques. Which come naturally over time.

On the other hand, you have to be realistic, when you start skateboarding after 25 years, it is completely illusory to imagine yourself performing and doing big competitions unless you know your body better.

How old is it really too Old to Longboard?

In addition to real health concerns, there is a real factor to take into account when you skate and you are an adult: apprehension. Managing your fear is fundamental in longboarding. This is what blocks most practitioners. And as we think more with age, it can be downright blocking. If the fear gets too much, it’s time to stop or not (re) start.

a joyful senior holding a cane and riding a longboard

The ages and the practice of skateboarding

It’s never too late to start!

  • 18 years old: no problem to learn. Paradoxically, it will be even easier than at 14 years old: the body has finished growing and the painful moments of adolescence are behind you.
  • 25 – 35 years old: the progression will be a little slower.
  • 35 – 50 years old: you have to go cushier.
  • over 50: so sporty and in good health, no contraindication to having fun in skateboarding.

To conclude: there is no age limit to have fun on your board, so if your body holds up, don’t hesitate to skate. 

As Jay Adams says with almost 50 years of high-level practice:

“You don’t stop skateboarding because you get old, you get old because you stop skateboarding”!

Jay Adams

Still need motivation? Watch this with a formal good bye from us!

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