Audi’s concept study and the Future of Transport!

The electric longboard can be the future of transport. It can help reduce the financial burden and pollution for users, which can lead to more sustainable cities in the future.

Longboards are becoming more popular due to their flexibility and accessibility. They can also help people with disabilities get around easier than walking or using other transportation methods because they can go up hills easily and save on energy when going downhill.

With a growing number of electric skateboards available today, it is no surprise that an increasing number of companies have started developing electric longboards as well. The market has grown from what was largely seen as only just push-powered boards into now including motorized options like those found by Evolve Skateboarding (a company specializing in creating electric longboards).

Currently, there is a lot of hype around electric skateboards, and even more so with the recent innovations in electric longboard technology. If you can’t wait to get your hands on one of these new boards, then we’ve got good news for you! Evolve Skateboarding has recently announced its newest model: The Spectra Electric Longboard. This board offers an impressive range up to 24 miles per charge (which can be completed in about three hours), plus it can reach speeds up to 20 mph.

There are many benefits that come from using this type of transportation devices such as they’re easy to use and can go over hills easily due to their flexibility and accessibility. They can also help people with disabilities get around easier.

While electric skateboards can be a great option for people looking to get around, there are some downsides as well including them being more expensive than the average board and also can’t go upstairs or steep hills due to their heavyweight and small wheels.

Electric longboards can solve these problems though because they’re typically about half of the price of an electric skateboard ($400-$600), can travel on any type of surface, cost less in general than gas-powered vehicles but still provide a considerable amount of power by using lithium-ion batteries that can last for over 30 miles per charge!

Another perk is that it’s easier to find parking spaces which means you’ll spend less time searching and can spend more time riding!

Electric longboards can be the future of transport, with their heavyweight and small wheels electric skateboards can’t go upstairs or steep hills. Electric Longboard can solve these problems though because they’re typically about half of the price of an electric skateboard ($400-$600). Another perk is that it’s easier to find parking spaces which means you’ll spend less time searching and can spend more time riding.

There are some concerns however like: safety (electric boards, in general, aren’t allowed on sidewalks), range, speed, braking distance, etc but actually many people have found them safer than a gas-powered vehicle due to their slower speeds and powerful brakes located at both ends. The other concern comes from battery life. Electric skateboards can go for about 18 miles on a full charge, electric longboards can last from 15-25 miles depending on the rider’s weight and how fast they’re going.

As time goes by there are more innovations in this industry: companies like Evolve Skateboarding have released their second version of the board which can reach speeds up to 24mph while maintaining its lightweight feel at only eight pounds!

The future is now with these innovative pieces of machinery that make our lives easier every day – it seems as if electric longboards might be just what we need to take us into the next phase of transport technology!

Audi’s concept study and the electric longboard:

Audi, a car manufacturer from Germany recently showed off their new concept for mobility at the Auto China 2016 trade fair. Their electric longboard is integrated into the bumper of your vehicle and charged while you travel so it’s always ready to go when shorter distances come up in town or before heading out on longer trips. Without traffic jams and with an electric drive that charges as you’re driving along, Audi has found yet another way to make traveling more convenient!

Smart movement in record time

In addition, the manufacturer goes one step further in the concept study and the infotainment system is also part of the overall package. Because it is possible to take current traffic data into account in real-time and to react. The system recommends a parking space nearby and suggests switching to the longboard if there is a traffic jam and the destination can be reached more quickly.

This is good for the nerves, the environment, and health, and is easy on the wallet.

Twisting and turning through a bustling city, the rider is always able to find their way thanks in part to an intelligent electric longboard at their disposal. Although this modern method of transportation can avoid traffic jams or carry objects when you get tired on your journey, it also has plenty more tricks up its sleeve. The board will follow the owner with just one wireless connection between smartphone and board–letting them cruise even while they navigate!

The electric longboard from Audi in detail:

According to the mobility study, the longboard covers more than 12 kilometers on one charge and reaches up to 30 km / h. Experience shows that these values ​​will depend on the route and load.

The manufacturer has thus succeeded in creating an exciting concept that appeals to young people in urban areas and is simply fun. It also shows how longboards can help relieve the traffic situation and complement other means of transport. The study shows one of many possibilities to rethink solutions to current traffic problems and convinces with new approaches.

What can longboards with a motor do today?:

Unfortunately, Audi’s vision is currently only a concept study. But what can current e-boards currently do and what is important if you want to buy an electric longboard?

These are the most important things to keep in mind when buying an e-longboard:

The battery capacity can range from 500 to 2000 watts and is primarily dependent on how fast you want your board. If you don’t have enough power, it can take up to 20 minutes for a full charge.

This also applies, if you want more than one kind of use – short distances or long trips?  In this case, the best solution would be a dual-motor system that offers different modes, such as ‘Cruise’ or ‘Boost’. The batteries can then do their work independently and offer optimal performance at any time with three speeds between 15 and 30 km/h (e.g., Boost mode). It can take up to three hours for a full charge.

You can also decide if you want a single or dual deck board – the first is better suited for short distances, while the latter can be used both on and off-road with more stability.

In addition, pay attention to how much weight your electric longboard can carry (up to 200 kg). If it’s an e-longboard without a motor, then its maximum load capacity will range from 120 kg upwards. If you’re looking at one with motors attached, that number can go all the way up to 350kg!


The decisive factors:

The battery is crucial to how much fun you will have with the electric longboard. Buying a quality battery for your board can go a long way in determining if it’s any good or not because cheaper batteries don’t last as many charge cycles and also come with lower capacity than their more expensive counterparts. Generally speaking, ranges are given in kilometers but they depend on the gradient of the route that you’re going down; so those who live close to mountains would be better off investing in an inexpensive option rather than opting for the one which has an incredibly high range spec like 100 km/h (a pretty unrealistic number).

The higher weight load someone carries around on their boards affects its speed and maximum distance capabilities too – meaning heavier riders might want to reconsider The weather also affects the range. The battery does not last as long in the cold as under optimal conditions.

How do you brake with the electric board?:

The longboard with electric drive brakes is a fast, environmentally-friendly way to get around. Some models have apps that turn the smartphone into the central control unit of the board and help you navigate your destination efficiently while also controlling speed, driving mode, battery status, and distance covered. These extras can make any commute more fun!

Electric boards can be used to brake by using the controller. The board also has a kick-tail at the back end which can be used for braking as well!

How does electric longboard ride? Is it smooth?:

The answer is YES!  A lot of people say that electric skateboards and electric bikes are much smoother than their gas counterparts because they don’t have any resistance from the engine or motor, but only from your own human power and gravity.

If you’re going uphill you’ll need more energy with an e-skateboard than if you were on a traditional longboard so make sure to take into account how many hills there will be in your route when calculating battery life.

The electric longboard can be used for different purposes:

It can, in a sense, replace your car entirely!

You can use it to commute to work or school every day and never have the hassle of traffic jams again! All you need is an electric charger that can charge your battery from anywhere between one hour to four hours depending on where you live.

If that doesn’t sound like something you want then e-skateboards are also great alternatives should just cruising around with friends or family ever get too much. You can even take it off-road as well thanks to its thickness so if you’re somewhere with lots of uneven ground then this could be the board for you!

The future of transportation can be electric, but there are also positives to non-electric as well.

You can always use a regular longboard which will propel you forward with the help of gravity and your body weight. These boards can go on any type of ground or surface that an e-longboard can’t! They’re lighter too so it’s easier for anyone to carry them around when they’re not in use plus all you need is some sandpaper instead of batteries! With these types of longboards being more environmentally friendly than their electric counterparts then people should consider going back with this old school method for transport!

But one question always arises!

If we have the regular option, then why electric! Isn’t that more eco-friendly!

That is true indeed! but, If we’re talking about modern transport then we must consider it to be electric or motorized! or, what’s the difference between 16th-century nomads riding a donkey!

One thing is for sure that the future vehicle must be electric, that’s why Tesla is such a big gun! Mr. Elon Musk has a vision that we can’t deny after all!

How much Power does Electric skateboard or longboard consume?

Premium electric skateboards can have 300- 500 watts of power, which is more than enough for the average rider–most riders will be satisfied with a range between 150-350 watts.

And that offers a fair speed and distance to travel from home to office back and forth on average!

To make a fair comparison, An iron will use 800 to 2000 watts, with an average iron using 1100 watts when heated on high!

That is significant if we’re talking about that much for that mobility!

Another aspect is that A car wastes about 80%-92% of its energy, where those battery-powered boards waste around 15% to 25% energy at most. That means it is 6 to 9 times efficient while using the power it gets to the output it offers!


Electric longboards can be the future of transport, and is a very good idea to consider! They offer convenience in mobility and use electric power efficiently. With that much efficiency, it can’t go wrong with an electric longboard as your next mode of transportation!

This article will highlight why you should invest in one today for yourself or as a gift for someone special in life!

An electric longboard is a new form of transportation that has the potential to be more environmentally friendly and affordable than other methods. It can also help people with disabilities enjoy their surroundings without having to worry about hills or obstacles they may encounter on foot. There are many reasons why this could be a better option for you, so give one a try today!

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