The Ultimate Battle Between Longboard vs Skateboard. Which One Should You Go For?

Longboard vs Skateboard

There are so many longboard vs skateboard comparison articles out there. But the thing is, they all seem to be telling you something different! So which one should you go for? A longboard or a skateboard? And what would fulfill your requirements better? In this article we will tell you everything about these two types … Read more

Longboarding 101 – 10 best longboards for beginners and 10 mistakes to avoid.

10 best longboards for beginners and 10 mistakes to avoid

Longboards have become a new, modern trend among young adults. Many people do not even know that the longboard was the pioneer of skateboarding. And it has brought the trend of wheels on board into action. After the skateboard enjoyed a few decades of popularity, the time of the longboard has returned. Skaters are reorienting themselves. From skateboard … Read more