Best Electric Longboard Reviews – 2021 Buyers Guide, Comparison & editors pick!

There are many options to choose from these days, let alone finding the Best Electric Longboard that fits you. It can be hard to know which board is the best suit for you. In this article, we will review some of the top-rated boards on the market and show you what makes them great!

There’s no need to spend hours researching every little detail before buying an electric skateboard – we’re here for you! We’ve sort out 7 best electric longboard on the market.

The following reviews will make your decision that much easier as well as help save time when looking through all these choices online or at a store near you.

We’ve assembled some of the top boards currently available today and show what makes them stand out among the competition.

Before going deep into that, lets get some infos!

What Is An Electric Longboard?

An electric longboard is a skateboard that relies on an electric motor to move. You use your feet to push off the ground and it will speed you up. This gives riders more control over how fast they go, as well as lessening their exertion when riding uphill.

What Is The Difference Between A Regular Skateboard And An Electric Longboard?

Skateboard Vs Electric Longboard

A regular skateboard relies on a rider’s strength and momentum to move. This is usually done by riding downhill, with gravity providing enough help for them to maintain their speed.

On an electric longboard, you use your feet as leverage while doing the pushing. This can make riding uphill more manageable, and it gives riders a lot of control over how fast they go.

How do Electric Longboards work?

An electric longboard relies on a motor to power its movement. You use your feet as leverage while you push off the ground, and it will speed up accordingly.

This means that riders have more control over how fast they go than those who are riding regular skateboards without motors, which rely solely on gravity to provide enough help for them when they are going downhill.

As a result, electric longboards can be ridden uphill with relative ease by riders that do not care too much about making it all the way to the top. However, this is dependant on how steep of an incline you’re trying to climb- if it’s very sharp, then your speed may need some help from the motor.

On average, electric longboards are about twice as fast as regular skateboards without motors when going downhill and uphill respectively. This is because they have more torque than a regular board so more power can be applied to it in these instances.

How do Electric Longboard Wheels work?

Electric longboard wheels also need some power to work. These wheels have a small motor built into them, which is powered by the battery attached to the board. The power from this motor turns an axle and propels you down your desired path of travel- whether that’s downhill or uphill with your best electric longboard!

The wheel will usually rotates around 70 times per second in order to provide enough help for riders.

Each longboard is powered by a battery attached to the board, which provides power to the motor that turns an axle and propels you down your desired path of travel- whether that’s downhill or uphill!

πŸ‘πŸ‘The Advantages Of An Electric Longboard? πŸ‘πŸ‘

An electric longboard has the same advantages as an electric bike would! It’s much easier to push off from the ground with less effort than you’d need for a regular skateboard. This can make it easier to ride uphill, or when you’re carrying something heavy and need one hand free.

So, you don’t need to do long distance pumping to cover up distances with a best electric longboard!

πŸ‘ŽWhat Are The Disadvantages Of An Electric Longboard?πŸ‘Ž

An electric longboard does weigh more than a regular non-electric board because of the battery that’s powering it – but there are two things that make up for this. First of all, the battery can be removed and charged separately from the board – so you don’t need to worry about it constantly draining on a long ride!

Secondly, these boards are usually equipped with regenerative braking systems which actually generate power when slowing down or coming to a stop – meaning your batteries will last that much longer.

Our top 7 picks of best electric longboards on the market

Product NameFeaturesDetails
1. ECOMOBL M24– Deck Size : 43β€³ x 18β€³ x 11β€³
– Weight: 55lb
– Top Speed: 27-30 mph
– Battery: 10C Battery, 864Wh
– Battery Range: 20-25 miles/charge
– Motor: 3050 watts
– Charging Time: 5A charger; 4-6H
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2. RALDEY Carbon Fiber Skateboard– Deck Size: 44” x 15.8” x 9”
– Weight: 23.59 lbs
– Top Speed: 28 mph
– Battery Power: 14Ah 10S4P
– Battery Range: 19 miles/charge
– Motor: each 6368 2500w x2
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3. ECOMOBL ET2– Deck Size: 44’’ x 18’’ x 8’’
– Weight: 37 lbs
– Top Speed: 30-35 mph
– Battery: 12S4P 768 Wh
– Range: 20-25 miles
– Motor: 2600 Watts 6374*2
– Charging Time: 3A charger; 5H
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4. Teamgee H20T 39″ Electric Skateboard– Package Size: 40.16” x 13.4” x 6.3”
– Weight: 20.9 lbs
– Top Speed: 26 mph
– Battery Power: 7500 mAh
– Range: 18 miles
– Motor: 1200W Hub Motor
– Charging Time: 4H
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5. Teamgee H20 39″ Electric Skateboard– Deck Size : 38’’x 9” x 0.6”
– Weight : 21 lbs
– Top Speed : 26 mph
– Battery Power : 36V/ 7.5Ah
– Range : 18-20 miles
– Motor : 2*600W
– Charging Time : 4H
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6. Puaida Electric Skateboard– Deck Size: 38’’x 9.4” x 5.5’’
– Weight: 1550 grams
– Top Speed: 20 mph
– Battery Power: 5000 mAh
– Range: 18.6 miles
– Motor: 400W
– Charging Time: 3H
See Details
7. Caroma 36″ Electric Skateboard– Deck Size : 35.4” x 9.0” x 4.9”
– Weight : 5.7 Kg/12.57 lbs
– Top Speed : 15.6 mph
– Battery Power : 29.4V 4000mah
– Range : 10-12 miles
– Motor : 350W x 2
– Charging Time : 3H
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List of our top 7 pick of best electric longboard

Here goes the detailed review on each of our best electric longboard picks, let’s begin!


Ecomobl 24 is one of the best electric longboard skateboard for the off-road element. M24 is the product of the brand ECOMOBL. If you want something strong, then you can choose Ecomobl 24. From mountains to all-terrain, this skateboard is suitable to skate all over.

The body is built from aluminum, giving you the chance to have fun on extremely uneven roads. Ecomobl 24 comes with a remote that will provide you with the feature to control remotely. It is specially made for adults.

The level 5 shock absorption will give you a smooth riding feeling. 2.4G wireless remote control will give you the chance to explore the latest features, cruise control, distance traveled, and fixed road speed. Three types of light: headlight, taillight, body light embedded with its body and perfectly suitable for you to ride at night.

The other top features you will love to are:

Top Feature

  1. Ecomobl 24 is made from Maple, and wheels are produced from rubber with No Belts on the machine. The 82 mm Brashless motor helps to move the board extremely fast.
  2. It can crawl on the hard rock smoothly and climb up to 47% grade hills.
  3. It allows changing between 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive during skating through remote. 2 wheel battery is better to use on a smooth surface for saving battery.
  4. The battery is protected under an aluminum box.
  5. Suspension components prevent shocking vibration and provide a smooth riding experience to ride.
Pros: ()
  1. The deck is made with super grip components, which help control the skateboard even with a muddy shoe.
  2. LED headlight and underglow ensure safe riding during the night.
  3. Ecomobl can move on uneven surfaces easily. It can be used in climbing hills.
  4. It can take a heavier load up to 330 lbs.


  1. Skateboard components are not waterproof. It can damage if it is ridden in the rain or water.
  2. It doesn’t turn tightly when taking curves like others.

Final Verdict

If you are excited and love to join the off-road community, Ecomobl 24 will be a good choice. With this, you can save your battery while skating on smooth surfaces while traveling from home to work and skate on the rough surface during leisure time. For heavy-weight people, it is a good choice.

#2 RALDEY Carbon Fiber Skateboard:

Raldey Carbon fiber V2 Electric skateboard is the brand product of Raldey Company. This longboard will give you the chance to start off-road community skating. Of course, you will get the 28 MPH top speed when riding on this, but in real and hard off-road, you may get less speed than the mentioned one.

Two belt motors will protect your skateboard from hard terrains and bad experiences. The wheel size is 195 mm, which may seem big to you, but it will provide you with better acceleration and speed. In addition, 1500 watts of each motor give your Raldey Carbon fiber V2 Electric Skateboard extra power.

If you are being tensed with your wheels when off-roading, this electric skateboard will relieve you with its airless wheels that need less maintenance than pneumatic wheels. In addition, a carbon Fireboard makes the electric skateboard lightweight and more portable.

The other top features of Raldey Carbon fiber V2 Electric Skateboard are:

Top Features

  1. The deck is made with 100% Japanese T700 Carbon Fiber, making the skateboard lightweight and sleek.
  2. Two built-in 6368 belt motors of 1500 Watts with existing ESC quality provide more power. 20% of extra power is now generated in this Raldey V2 Skateboard.
  3. Two belt motors give an aggressive look to the skateboard and protect it from hard off-road.
  4. Four types adjustable speed and four type brakes are designed to meet the needs of the different kinds of riders.
  5. The 7.5 inches airless wheel requires less maintenance and keeps riders free from the tension of bursting while riding.

Pros: ()

  1. The electric skateboard is super stiff in nature and gives a better feeling while riding.
  2. The braking system is excellent, and no jerking during the acceleration to braking.
  3. Lightweight electric long skateboard to carry on easily.
  4. Killer Looks.


  1. Not suitable to ride on hard off-road, incline sharp hills.
  2. High Price Range
  3. Controlling is not up to mark and takes energy to control.


Ecomobl ET2 is the second version of the Ecomobl ET. This second-generation skateboard was brought into the market by the LEBISAG brand. With 18 inches deck width and 44 inches deck length, this Ecomobl ET2 is specialized in power. In addition, the product is made from Canadian Maple, which provides extra strength to the skateboard.

Ecomobl ET2 will give you a beast mode version with the top speed around 30-35 MPH and 20-25 Miles range. In addition, you can try Off-road skating to normal roads with this Ecomobl ET2 skateboard.

You will experience using a 2600 W gear motor with 12S4P – 768Wh battery. The large deck provides you a low center of gravity with better stability with a 200 mm x 50 mm wheel size. For your better understanding, the tire used in Ecomobl ET2 is only made by Ecomobl.

The other top features of this great longboard, Ecomobl ET2 is:

Top Feature

  1. Ecomobl ET2 comes with a wider version of 18″ (46 cm) deck that provides better clearance and good off-road performance and stability.
  2. Two extremely powerful 74 mm brushless planetary gear motors provide great acceleration with the top speed of 35 MPH (56 Km).
  3. Ecomobl ET2 comes with two Headlights and Tail lights which helps to get a better view during skating at low light.
  4. It can climb 33-40% grade hill with the top speed of 25 mph, which is an amazing feature.
  5. The latest motherboard of Ecomobl delivered precise control with its remote and ESC. 4 Speed mode and 4 brake mode come with partial or general speedometer and odometer.

Pros: ()

  1. Specialized in Power.
  2. Food stopper helps during braking.
  3. Made with Canadian Maple with a wide concave, it is stiff and impossible to flex.
  4. A good turning radius provides comfortable turning.


  1. High noise while riding at high speed.
  2. Not suitable for a relaxed ride as riders may face some jerkiness while riding.
  3. It is a heavyweight skateboard.

Final Verdict

Ecomobl ET2 is an excellent choice for the off-road community rider. It will give you the experience to ride at top speed as Ecomobl ET2 prioritizes power. But for normal road use, it will not be the best choice as you won’t get a relaxing ride experience here. But, on the other hand, the wheel and gear motor are good to absorb shock from rock. So, if you are thinking of starting hard off-road, it can be a good choice.

#4 Teamgee H20T 39″ Electric Skateboard:

Teamgee H20T 39″ is designed for you if you love stability and comfort. Teamgee is the brand of this beautiful product. You will get the Teamgee H20T 39”with 9 inches deck width and 39 inches deck length. It will give you a maximum of 26 mph speed with 18 miles range.

8 pieces of Canadian Maple + 1 piece of fiberglass has made the quality of the skateboard too high. As your skateboard is protected with fiberglass so it will not be scratched. Wheel material is made from polyurethane, and it is a great shock absorbent.

You will get PU wheels with your H20T for free for a limited time, and you can switch between rubber wheels and PU wheels when required. B1, B2, B3, and B4 are the four brake modes for you, and L/M/H/H+ are the four different speed modes that give you a different acceleration experience.

The other top features of Teamgee H20T 39” are:

Top Feature

  1. The skateboard has a W-Shaped foot socket that makes the foot placement stable for the rider.
  2. It has a 1200W hub motor that can max the speed up to 26 mph (42 kph).
  3. It has 103mm rubber tires with 24 holes that are excellent for shock absorption. Due to this feature, the heavyweight can travel along with this smoothly.
  4. Teamgee H20T 39” has four different speed modes and four different brake modes that can easily control by novice to professional.
  5. The remote is designed ergonomically. So, it can be held for a long time without any fatigue and is easy to operate using fingers.

Pros: ()

  1. Rubber tires provide lower vibration.
  2. They are designed for all types of riders, from novice to professional.
  3. If the battery dies, the wheels will not lock up.
  4. This skateboard is waterproof.


  1. Battery performance degraded after using several months.
  2. Grip tapes do not show their intended performance after using some weeks.
  3. If the wheel brakes, changing the wheel may require extra parts.

Final Verdict

Teemage H20T 39″ is a good choice for you if you are using city streets, home and smooth surface. You can go uphill 30 degrees still it is better not to use this in inclined surfaces or rock muds. The skateboard has some ability to retain water, but it is not designed with the power soaking features. If you want to go to university or explore the city on a daily basis, you can choose Teemage H20T 39″.

#5 Teamgee H20 39″ Electric Skateboard:

Teamgee H20 39″ electric skateboard has a similar feature to Teamgee H20T. The same Brand, “Teamgee,” is the producer of this electric skateboard. As advertised, you can expect 1200W Dual Motors, 18Miles Range, 26 MPH Top Speed, 4 Speed Adjustment from this skateboard.

The top features of this best electric longboard are:

Top Feature

  1. The skateboard deck is made from the combination of maple wood and fiberglass, which will protect it from scratch.
  2. The deck is wide and does not flex during riding.
  3. Teamgee H20 39″ comes with 4 speed mode and 4 brake mode, which gives the experience of different speed riding in one skateboard.
  4. The 1200W powerful hub motor gives a fun riding experience with a top acceleration of 26 mph.

Pros: ()

  1. Motor wheels are detachable. It can be removed and replaced easily at home.
  2. PU wheels tires are also replaceable at home.
  3. Component replacement cost is low.


  1. Grip tapes are very sharp that can cut bare fingers.
  2. After using this for several months, speed and battery started to decrease at a high rate.

Final Verdict

If you are a novice and want to use an electric skateboard in populated cities, you can choose Teamgee H20 39″ electric skateboard. But it is not worth it if you are planning to use this for a long time. The smooth navigation panel will give you confidence while riding in the city.

#6 Puaida Electric Skateboard:

If you are looking for a cool skateboard with LED light and a longboard with LCD remote control, you can check Puaida Electric Skateboard. The deck width of the paid electric skateboard is 9″, which is not much wider but provides you a better grip to rest your feet properly.

The deck is made from 8 layers of northeast Maple which will give you bad strength and support. It will take you about 3H to fully charge the electric skateboard with a 5000 mAh battery which is pretty quick compared with the other battery charging time.

You will get 25 MPH top speed and 18.6 Miles max range from Puaida electric skateboard. The 400W dual motor is pretty strong enough to climb a 20% steep hill.

From the brand Puaida itself, the top features of this electric skateboard are:

Top Features

  1. EBS electronic brake provides a regenerative braking system. The swappable motor works as an electric generator where the peak current amount is 10A.
  2. With dual motors of 400W, its running speed goes up to 19 mph in real life.
  3. Its battery cycle life is 500 cycles @ 100% DOD with 5000 mAh 36V Lithium battery.
  4. 400W motors help to skate the board at 25 MPH top speed and 19 MPH at general speed.
  5. It comes with 4 types (low, medium, high, sport) of speed mode and 4 brake modes which are easily checkable with an intelligent remote with the display.

Pros: ()

  1. Skateboard auto brake while it finds obstacles ahead of this.
  2. Taillight shows a flash red LED while braking.
  3. Fast Charging.


  1. The remote control does not go off while charging.
  2. Grips are worn out quickly and provide jerky feelings with worn-out grips.

Final Verdict

Puaida electric skateboard will be a good choice if you are a beginner who keens to learn skateboarding and wants to start with an electric one. The smooth and sturdy grip at initial will give you the confidence to ride it with medium speed as a beginner. However, it won’t be a good choice if you are a speed lover.

#7 Caroma 36″ Electric Skateboard:

The best part of the Caroma 36″ E-Skateboard is its looks. From aesthetic to funky, no matter what kind of people you are, you will love the look of this skateboard. The lightweight handle grip makes it suitable to bring this with you in your college class. And trust me, you will get a new impression while entering the classroom with this amazing skateboard.

It has a dual 700W motor where each motor comes with 350W. So if you are coming out of the road with this fashionista electric skateboard, you can get the 10-12 miles range from this. With the ergonomic wireless remote, you can easily control the speeds and brakes.

Caroma 36″ E-cruiser is produced by Caroma brand with 8 ply maple deck wood. This gives the skateboard a sturdy and hard durability. Above 8 years old kids, teens, and young people can go out with this E-cruiser without the tension of deformation as it can absorb all kinds of light to medium collisions.

The other top features of this electric skateboard are:

Top Feature

  1. 8.3 cm high grip PU wheels provide an extremely smooth riding experience by absorbing vibrations.
  2. Two 350 W brushless motors provide speeds up to 15.6 MPH and quietness while riding.
  3. 4000 mAh lithium battery provides more power with more stamina. It takes only 03 hours to charge fully.
  4. It has three (low, medium, high) speed settings, and the ergonomic wireless remote comes with 3 LED power indicators.
  5. It can take up to 300 Lbs load, which is great news for heavy riders.

Pros: ()

  1. Turning and curving are smooth relatively at high speed.
  2. Shifting gear is pretty easy and impressive.
  3. The skateboard has a portable handle cut which helps to carry this easily.
  4. This skateboard is pre-assembled, So it can be used just after unboxing.


  1. The braking system is not up to mark. After pushing the brake, it will travel for 0.5 sec.
  2. It vibrates highly on bumpy roads.
  3. It is designed for flat roads, not for hills.

Final Verdict

Caroma 36″ electric skateboard can be used by people of any genre like students, fashionistas or office people. If you are looking for something that can provide a smooth experience on the city road, take heavy loads, ,and ride at medium speed with quiet noise, Caroma 36″ electric skateboard will be a good choice. However, it is not designed for tracking the high hills or steep, bumpy roads.

Electric Longboards are now not only a sports element to you, Longboard skateboard has become an important vehicle for people like you and me! But, unfortunately, finding the best electric longboard is hard for anyone. Still, we try to help you to figure out some of the best electric Longboard skateboards by considering your age, social status, needs, and hobbies.

You are the decision-maker of your choices. But, with the helpful tips, we are always with you to help you with the best electric longboard skateboard from the market.

Buying guide:

Components & Things to look for within the best electric longboard:

– Range: the average range is around 12 miles on a full charge, but some boards have ranges up to 18 miles.

– Speed: the speed can be anywhere from 15 mph – 22 mph depending on what board you buy & your weight. Some electric longboards come with an engine so they are faster than others! the highest recorded speed of an electric longboard is 28 mph!

– Weight: the weight ranges from as low as 13 pounds to 26 pounds depending on what board you buy.

– Durability: electric longboards are made with high quality materials and components so they can last a very, very long time. The average lifespan of an electric skateboard is around 12 years before it needs a new battery.

– Price: in general, an electric longboard is more expensive than a regular one but they are worth the money because you will get years of use out of it! The average price for an electric longboard ranges from $500-$2000 depending on what features and quality you want.

– Weight Limit: most of the electric longboards can handle a max weight of 250 pounds.

– Battery Life: most electric longboards run on a lithium-ion battery which lasts about 40 miles max per charge.

– Heel or Toe Cruise Control: Heel and Toe Cruise Control lets you set the speed of your electric longboard with a button on the board.

– Traffic Lights: very few boards have this feature, but it’s still worth mentioning because it makes riding during heavy traffic much easier!

– Braking System (Reverse, Handbrake) – Electric Longboards that are not equipped with a reliable braking system will often experience more accidents and safety issues. Make sure you have all the necessary components before making your purchase.

– Tires: Wheels are of the utmost importance when it comes to a safe and enjoyable longboard experience. Keep in mind that these (best electric longboard) wheels will be subjected to more wear and tear than traditional skateboards, so you’ll want some durable rubber with good traction.

– Suspension: suspension is not an essential feature on electric longboards but may provide for a smoother ride.

– Turning radius: the turning radius of an Electric Longboard will vary depending on its wheel size and distance between wheels, but some boards may be more suited for sharp turns than others. Make sure you’ll know where your board’s limits are before committing to a purchase!

– Deck Size/Height: The height of a longboard deck will vary from style to style. This is important because it determines how comfortable the board will be for different heights of riders, and also what types of tricks might become more or less difficult with a particular height.

– Deck Shape: Decks come in all sorts of shapes these days. Some are designed for slalom racing, while others are designed for downhill bombing. There’s no one-size fits all when it comes to deck shape, but make sure you know what kind of riding you plan on doing with your board first!

– Shock Absorbers: The more shock absorbers a longboard has, the better it will handle bumpy terrain. Shock absorption is especially important for people who have higher speed or drop large distances with their boards. You don’t want your board to come crashing down on you!

– Deck Material: Almost every longboard deck these days is made of wood; however, there are a few that have been constructed out of bamboo, cork, and pine. Wood decks work best for cruising because they produce less friction with your shoes as you slide across the surface.

– Wheel Size: If you plan on doing any downhill bombing or slalom racing down steep hillsides then make sure to get larger wheels; however, if you are a more mellow rider then the smaller wheel size is better.

– Caster Wheels: If you plan on riding your board around town or over rough terrain, these will help with stability and allow for easy turns; however, they don’t work as well when going downhill because of their slower speeds.

– Deck Rake: Electric Longboards with a deck rake are easier to control and will not experience as much wear on the wheels, which can lead to more postponement of maintenance costs. This is also beneficial for people who want their electric longboard to be able to travel over rougher terrain and offer a smoother ride.

– Speed Control: If you are looking for a board with speed control, the best thing to do is find one that has adjustable settings. This way it can be used by multiple people and they will all have their desired speeds no matter what type of terrain or incline they’re riding on.

– Deck Construction: Electric Longboards that have decks constructed with bamboo or maple wood are lightweight, durable, and sustainable materials. This is great for people who want to take their electric longboard on off road adventures without having to worry about the durability of the deck construction.

– Motor Type: Electric Longboards with a more powerful motor will often have less torque, meaning the rider will not be able to go as fast or turn as quickly. The type of material used for the deck can also affect this; lighter decks require motors that do not produce much power in order to provide smooth riding and maneuverability, while heavier decks require more powerful motors to maintain balance.

– Deck Board: Electric board manufacturers are constantly innovating and coming up with new designs for their boards, which includes deck boards that offer the rider greater flexibility in terms of riding style (flat or concave) and grip size. Some electric long.

Fins Type: The position and number of fins on the bottom of an electric longboard affects how it performs during carving.

Size: Electric longboards are available in a range of different sizes, from mini boards for children to large boards that can accommodate riders who are taller or heavier.

Too Much? Why not try our list?

Best Electric Longboards are made with a variety of different types, shapes, sizes, colors and designs that make them suitable for riders and their taste.

DIY- Can we make an Electric longboard at home?

You can try but Even that cost him around $400!

The answer to this question is “yes and no.” Yes, it can be done at home if you have the necessary tools and know-how. No, it’s not a good idea because of how hard the process is. You need to get your hands on some wood that has been cut into thin strips for making dowels, then you will attach those pieces together with a glue or epoxy resin via clamps and other methods in order to create an electric longboard frame.

Once your electric longboard frame is finished being constructed, then you will start work on building up its deck by using plywood sheets as well as hot water treatment which turns them into bendable plastic boards (or ‘slats’).

Next comes attaching those boards to the electric longboard frame, then you will need to make a wheel that can be used for turning.

So now that we have discussed why it’s not easy or feasible at home, let us talk about how easy and affordable it is elsewhere with just one call! For example, if you are in USA Amazon sells longboards that specialize in this industry of Best Electric Longboards which provide a wide range of products.

Are electric longboards worth it?

It’s worth investing in an electric longboard if you commute to work, it is a great idea for those who travel often – or even families with kids. Electric skateboards and electric scooters are also more suitable for people with limited mobility.

The fact that they can be ridden on pavements, as well as roads, means the potential dangers of riding them are much lower than other vehicles such as motorbikes.

Best Electric Longboard

A battery life indicator will tell riders when their power has reached its limit which is essential when navigating busy city streets and trying not to get pulled over by law enforcement officers! On top of this, maintenance costs may seem higher but these quickly offset because most repairs needed will happen at home e.g changing flat tires instead of taking them to a mechanic.

The weight of the electric longboard also means that it is not so easy for thieves to break into and steal! This may not be such an issue at festivals or skate parks where people are constantly coming in and out but all too often we hear stories about someone’s board being stolen while they were just running errands around town.

It can really hurt when you have spent time looking for your perfect deck, then finally found one- only to have it snatched away from right under your nose by some opportunistic thief on their way home from work…

FAQS: Yet Quesrions?

Have questions?

– How long does the battery last?

The range of the best electric longboard skateboard is really dependent on many different factors, such as weight, terrain, speed and rider preference. What we can say for sure is that in general the battery life will last much longer than on a regular skateboard.

– How long does it take to charge the battery?

The charging time is a lot faster than with regular skateboards, but we recommend charging your battery when you are finished riding to prolong the lifetime of the pack. One full charge should take about an hour and a half.

– Do you have to be 18 years old?

No, you do not need to be over the age of eighteen to be able to taste the fly experience. There is no such age limit to have the fun!

– Is it difficult to ride?

It really depends on the rider. This is a very fast and different board, with an electric engine. Some people find it very easy to ride and others need a little more time to get used to the feeling of riding an electric longboard for the first time.

– Is it easy to stop? How do I brake?

Yes, the board has a conveniently placed front and back brake, which you can use at any time.

– Is it hard to maneuver?

No, the easy turn ability makes this a breeze to ride through sharp turns.

– Is it waterproof?

The board is water resistant, which means that you can use the electric longboard in the rain. Though I don’t think of it to be a good idea!

– Can I ride this board anywhere?

No, the electric longboard is only suitable for paved surfaces (not for hardwood or gravel).

– Does the electric longboard require a specific battery type?

No, it comes with an 18650 lithium ion battery (the same kind that phones use).

– How fast does this board go?

It reaches speeds up to 20 MPH

– How far can I ride on a full charge?

You’ll be able to go 30-40 miles more or less on the best electric longboards.

-are electric longboards safe?

Yes, they are easy to control and have a low center of gravity. Sometimes best electric longboards are more safe than skateboards.

-Is it a good idea for beginners?

Yes, the electric longboard is easy to learn. It will accelerate gradually so that you can get accustomed to it.

-can I charge this board up anywhere?

Yes, the electric longboard can be charged up anywhere.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best electric longboards. We know that it can be difficult to find the perfect board, so we have compiled a ton of information for your convenience! We want this article to serve as a great resource and bring more light into what is an easy-to-learn sport with ever increasing popularity!

The Best Electric Longboard Reviews – 2022 Buyers Guide, Comparison & editors pick offers users reviews on different boards such as their pros and cons. This guide also includes useful features like how fast these boards go or whether they are safe.

The blog post concludes by using personal experiences from people who use them often in order to prove why readers should invest in one right away without hesitation.

We hope that this article has been helpful and informative for all those who are in search of a quality best electric longboard at an affordable price!