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Choosing the first longboard can often be such a tough task with the huge array of options out there; there are awesome longboards that will cost you quite a bit, and then there are cheap Blank longboards that might just break on your second time riding. If you share this sentiment with me, well, you’re reading the right review! I think I have found a cheap but good quality longboard.

That’s right – here on Longboard Reviews, you’ll find out more about the awesome Blank Longboard pintail shape, a great longboard (complete) under $100. You read that right. This blank longboard is pretty awesome quality for such a bargain price, and as far as I know, it can only be bought from one place. Keep reading on!

Blank Longboard Review

Blank Longboard Review

It’s not every day that you find a longboard as great quality as this – it’s no wonder why it’s a bestseller! (I’ll tell you where to find this board later) This Blank Longboard, as far as I know, comes in a range of nice colors – some even have graphics. It’s also a pintail longboard. Let’s take a quick look at the specs for this blank longboard pintail before I dive into the pros and cons:

Blank Longboard

  • Comes with 71mm wheels
  • Comes in two sizes:
  • The 40-inch length and 9-inch width, or
  • The 38-inch length and 9-inch width
  • Pintail
  • Huge range of colors
  • ABEC 5 Bearings

The specifications above should let you know that the blank longboard has the right specifications for a beginner & cruising longboard! It comes in nice lengths and is a pintail shape.

Now, what do I think of this longboard? What are the downsides to it? Well, let’s move on to the Pros & Cons.

Pros & Cons: Blank Longboard

The nifty blank longboard in its pintail shape is of surprisingly great quality! It’s a really, really smooth ride and one of the best you can get at $70 and below. $70 and below is definitely a ridiculously cheap price. It’s great for carving, with an awesome flex. I don’t see why anyone would find this blank longboard pintail to be too expensive for the amazing quality they’re selling here! I have to be honest here; I have no idea

This board is a pintail shape, which means it’s good for beginners, for carving and many longboarding shenanigans; just don’t try to go down a steep hill. If you want to try downhill riding, please be well equipped with protection.

What else is great about this blank longboard? It comes in a huge variety of colors! There are lots of different colors to pick so this longboard will definitely appeal to you whether you’re into red or blue or black. There are even models with some graphics, some of which look really badass! Check out the blank longboard pintail in a sleek black:

The blank longboard is a great board to get if you want to customize your longboard. It comes in all these different colors, blank, and this should let you easily add your own paint job to it. If you want a longboard but are sick of all the varying designs out there, this is definitely the longboard for you.

It also comes in two sizes, so you can pick, depending on your size!

The cons of this pintail longboard? Well, I’d say it’s not suitable for doing tricks on, or downhill riding. However, it’s amazing for carving and just cruising!


  • Cheap yet good quality – amazing quality for the price
  • Great for carving & cruising
  • It comes in many colors – you can paint it whichever way you like!


  • Not for downhill riding

Verdict: Blank Longboard

This blank longboard is excellent! If you want a cheap longboard to try cruising and carving around on, get this blank longboard pintail, for sure. It’s extremely cheap but good, so there’s no doubt that if you’re a newbie to longboarding this blank longboard will be an amazing option. Unlike similar low-priced longboards like the Krown Pintail Longboard, this blank longboard is top quality indeed. If you scroll down later to see other customer reviews, you’ll see that even experienced longboarders would get this for cruising, because it’s so amazingly cheap and good quality.

Where to buy the Blank Longboard?

As far as I know, the only place to buy this blank longboard is Amazon. They have some incredible prices for the blank longboard, the prices range from $50 – $75, which is an absolute steal whichever way you look at it. They also ship within three business days, which is really, really fast, isn’t it? If you’re interested in buying this blank longboard pintail (I love it for cruising).

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Reviews by actual customers who have purchased the Blank Longboard:

this is a such a ridiculously great board!
it is an awesomely smooth ride, and it is a great board for the price. get it, you won’t regret it!

I am not a longboarding newbie, but i was on the lookout for a cheap longboard. i  definitely know what a good board feels like, and how it rides and this blank longboard is pretty top notch! i am slowly but surely upgrading it, such as the wheels and my own paint job. like other comments have said,  it’s great for carving, and i definitely agree. The balance of the board might take some time to get used to but other than that it deserves five stars, and you are receiving way more than that measely fifty dollars that you paid for!


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