9 Longboard Safety Gear & Why You Should Use them!

We’re talking about longboard safety gear here! so, Longboarders, it’s time to strap up.

Safety is the most important aspect of any sport. With so many accidents happening every year in the form of road rash or colliding with cars, you should take precautions before going for a ride. However, protective gear is not required by law (unless you are riding on public roads). But we believe that it is wise to wear some protection when going longboarding. Especially if this activity will be your primary source of transportation around town–be safe out there!

Longboard Safety Gear
You don’t wanna ride like that, do you?

There are a few types of Longboard safety gear, also known as longboard protective equipment, that you should consider, depending on the type and intensity of your longboarding. All protective equipment is designed to protect you from injury–in any form, it may take! You can find helmets, slide gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and more in this post. Safety first, my friends!

Let me tell you a back story first, I was a young, impressionable child, and my dad had just bought me my very first board. (Don’t worry, it wasn’t expensive like these nowadays.) The board could do some serious tricks when you got going fast enough. One day while cruising on the sidewalk with no obstacles in sight, I accidentally hit an uneven crack of pavement that sent me to the ground hard!

I’ve never been more scared before than at that moment. Because all those stories about how people break their neck or get paralyzed from skateboarding accidents came rushing back into my head for a split second. 

Luckily, nothing happened to me, just scrapes on my knees and elbows. Now, whenever we have new riders come over, they have to watch out for longboard safety.

What is longboard safety gear?

Many people will tell you that when it comes to longboarding equipment, the most important things are your board and wheels–in other words, all those parts in between!

We don’t disagree with this statement! But we do think that there’s a good chance you may not be paying as much attention to some genuinely vital pieces of protective gear like gloves or wrist guards.

And while they might seem insignificant at first blush (especially if you’re just starting), these items can make a big difference in preventing injury during an accident on your skateboard. No matter if you’re riding the Best Electric Longboard or a regular longboard for beginners!

List of longboard safety gear:


-Longboard gloves

-Slide Pads

-Knee Pads

-Elbow pads

-Wrist Guards.

-Spine protectors

-Ankle protectors


Now let’s break them down with our recommendation.


The most essential accessory for your longboard is a helmet. Helmets are not just for kids. They’re the best way to protect you from a head injury and keep riding, so we recommend you always wear one no matter what type of board or terrain you ride on.

Zeke Kamm

This simple longboard safety gear can protect you from head injury and can allow you to keep riding without any worries. Head is the most sophisticated, and I don’t feel to explain any further that you to have your head in place! But I can explain to you the importance of a Helmet!

Suppose you’re riding on a downhill slope, and you hit the ground at high speed. The force of your head hitting the hard pavement can cause traumatic brain injury (TBI), not to mention, be fatal!

A helmet will keep this from happening, which is why we recommend longboarders always wear one no matter what type of board or terrain they’re riding on.

Here’s our pick of the 3 best longboarding Helmet.

Bern, Hudson Commuter Helmet.

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet

Triple Eight THE Certified Sweatsaver Helmet.

Longboard gloves:

When it comes to longboards, slide gloves are a good idea for protection and sliding purposes. Slide Gloves will help protect your hands from major injuries. When doing slides, that can become painful or just plain dangerous if not wearing the right protective gear with them.

They’re also great because they provide grip on what’s being slid as well! Keep in mind these don’t have much impact protection, so we recommend using this alongside wrist guards and other types of pads to avoid injury while longboarding.

Here’s our pick of the 3 best longboarding gloves.

-Viper Slide Gloves

– TAC9ER Kevlar Lined Tactical Gloves

– Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves

Slide Pads:

Slide Pads are an important part of your longboard safety gear because they will save you from sliding out. With slide pads, the chances that you’ll fall and injure yourself while riding a longboard significantly decrease, as these pads help keep your feet on the board at all times.

If there is any debris on the ground or wet outside, this can be extremely dangerous, so make sure to wear slide gloves too!

A lot of people had experienced skating with no slides before and either ended up hurting themselves by falling off their skateboard or being dragged along for some yards only to get back on their board after catching air again – not ideal! The best way to avoid this type of accident is to wear slide pads.

Knee Pads:

Knee pads are a crucial part of your longboard safety gear because they will help you avoid injury while riding. If there is any debris on the ground or wet outside, this can be extremely dangerous, so make sure to wear slide gloves too!

A lot of people had experienced skating with no slides before and either ended up hurting themselves by falling off their skateboard or being dragged along for some yards only to get back on their board after catching air again – not ideal!

The best way to avoid this type of accident is to wear knee pads that won’t slip down when you ride.

These provide excellent protection and will stay in place while you ride your skateboard!

Here’s our pick of the 3 best longboarding Knee Pads.

– Triple Eight Knee Pads

– NoCry Professional Knee Pads

– PHZ. Adult/Kids Knee Pad Elbow Pads Wrist Guards Protective Gear Set 

These are the knee pads that people have been buying. They’re all great options, and we encourage you to try them out in-store before making your final decision! We carry these brands and many others. So be sure to see our selection if you want a wider selection of longboard safety gear or any other skateboarding advice!

Elbow pads:

Elbow pads are one of the most important pieces on a longboard, and they’re also some of the cheapest.

The elbow pad is designed to protect you from impacts with your arm or knee when sliding out – but make sure that it doesn’t cover up too much skin as this will increase slippage risk!

It often seems when we fall on the road, our knee and elbow pads are the first to take a beating.

If you do slide out, your elbows will be happy they have some protection from all that asphalt!

Elbow pads also help when navigating steep downhill grades or other obstacles. As long as there is at least one good handhold for balance, these should provide ample support in most situations.

Here’s our pick of the 3 best longboarding Elbow pads.

-Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads.

-Workout 1 Pair Compression Elbow Pads.

-Triple 8 EP 55 Elbow Pads.

Wrist Guards:

The most common injury while longboarding is a wrist fracture. We recommend wearing wrist guards to protect you from this type of injury. Due to the high number of wrists getting broken on boards every year, also they are inexpensive!

Injuries can be avoided by protecting your hands with shirts or gloves as well. Good quality wrist guards will have an elastic strap that holds them securely over your hand while you ride so that they don’t slide around during rough rides. They should also fit snugly but not too tight- if it’s uncomfortable, wear something else instead!

Some wrist guards also come with a hard plastic shell inside to provide extra protection for your hands. These are usually more expensive, but you may want to consider them if you’re taking up longboarding as an extreme sport!

Here’s our pick of the 3 best longboarding Wrist Guards.

-BOSONER Wrist Guards

-Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards

-Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding Wrist Guard Gloves

Spine protectors: 

most longboarding falls happen from a fall backward and when the rider lands on their back or butt. One of the best ways to protect your spine is with an inflatable protector that can be worn during every session.

This offers protection against hard impacts like those suffered in free-falls and landings and provides support to prevent injuries caused by overuse, such as lower back pain. This Spine Protector is also lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around while traveling!

Some people might argue that this type of longboard safety gear or spine protectors is unnecessary. If you wear a helmet, the helmet’s hard outer shell should be enough to keep your head and neck safe. But this is wrong! The soft foam inside helmets can’t support your back, so no amount of protection will help prevent injuries in that area. 

That’s why it’s important to have a spinal protector as well- just like longboard knee pads.

The bottom line: You won’t know until it hurts (unless you’re one of those people with an overactive imagination). But we always recommend being proactive and wearing protective gear when longboarding anywhere—whether around town or on big hills. ​

Here’s our pick of the 3 best longboarding Spine protectors.

-Webtop Adults Dirt Bike Body Chest Spine Protector

-POC Sports Unisex-Youth Spine Ski Protective Armour.

-Joe Rocket 1259-1003 Speedmaster 2.0 Back Protector

Ankle protectors:

Ankle protectors are essential for riders to use if they want to avoid any injury. Ankles can be the most common place where serious injuries occur and the second point of contact with friction on the board, so using these is important for safety and comfort.

A good pair of strong shoes might also be helpful for this, but it gives you confidence and a mental boost!

Ankle protectors are also a great way to ensure that your shoes don’t get caught on the wheels, which can cause injuries such as dislocations or broken bones.

The best ankle protectors are strong and durable. So you might want to consider buying them from the brand-name companies that have been making protective gear for longboarding.

Here’s our pick of the 3 best longboarding Ankle protectors.

-Athletes Compression Ankle Support Pads

-ComfiLife Ankle Brace

-G-Form Pro-X Ankle Guard


It is very important to protect your eyes while longboarding. We recommend wearing a pair of goggles or eyeshields under the Helmet for maximum protection.

It’s better in many possible ways,

  1. The goggles will protect your eyes from dirt and dust.
  2. They offer UV protection for the sun’s rays, which are more intense while skating outdoors.
  3. It can also act as a windscreen by blocking gust of air from hitting your eye directly when you’re longboarding downhill or going fast on flats!

Here’s our pick of the 3 best longboarding Eyeshields.

-PETZL – Vizir Shadow, Tinted Eye Shield for Helmets

-XAegis Airsoft Goggles Tactical Safety Goggles

-HULISLEM S1 Sport Polarized Sunglasses

Why it’s important to use Longboarding Protective Equipment?

Some might argue that waring all of it will make you look like a gladiator! Others might say that it’s not necessary and you can just go with your regular clothes! why do I need longboard safety gear?

Longboard Safety Gear

But the truth is, longboarding is a great sport! And there are many benefits to doing it – like fresh air and exercise. But because longboarders want to have fun while they ride, proper protective equipment should be worn at all times to maximize their safety.

Longboards offer riders stability when navigating curves on uneven terrain, but accidents happen. These accidents may cause head injuries or broken bones, if any of the rider’s body parts were unprotected from impact by hard objects. Such as concrete sidewalks or tree roots protruding out of the earthy ground underneath one’s feet. 


we recommend that riders wear a helmet to protect their heads, slide gloves for protection of the hands, especially when sliding sideways on rough surfaces like concrete or tile floors. Knee pads in case they fall (which will most likely be caused by an accidental mistake). you can read it out 10 most common beginner mistakes in longboarding to avoid.

Wearing straps/covers over wrists guards also help with preventing any accidents because it prevents longboarders from having skin exposed while riding.

We hope you’re now more aware of safety precautions before heading out with your longboard with this information at hand.

We encourage people to these protective gears, so people are equipped properly – not just in terms of gear but also knowledge! Don’t get injured unnecessarily; invest in some quality equipment today!

In conclusion-

there are many reasons we should wear safety gear when longboarding: protection from injuries plus knowledge about how to protect ourselves while riding! Click here If you want to know about 11 tips to improve your longboarding skill or here if you wnt to know dos and don’ts of longboarding. Investing in quality equipment today can save you time, trouble, or injury later on down the line. So get some protective gears for your next ride!

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