Why do skateboarders hate longboarders so much?

Why do skateboarders hate longboarders so much? Skateboarders don’t really hate longboarders. But why is that conflict such a big deal? Longboards have been around for a while now, but they are still controversial among skateboarding enthusiasts.

This article explores why there is such a divide between these two types of boards and why it should matter to you too!

Before going into the debate or individual types of mindset, Let’s follow something along!

Longboarding is one of the fastest-growing sports all over the world.
Over the last few years, it has been gaining popularity because of its versatility: longboarders can skate on roads or off them. They have more space to move around, and fewer constraints than skaters do with shorter boards (which make longer rides). This makes longboarding easy for beginners as well as advanced riders who are looking for an adrenaline rush by doing tricks like jumps & flips.

The number one concern why many skateboards don’t want to accept longboarders seems to be that they “don’t know how to react” when encountering this type of board while skating themselves. The most common response is not being able to share the road with a longboarder.

So why do skateboarders hate longboarders? The most likely answer is that they are just not used to them yet. But why the conflict, and why does it seem so strong between these two groups of skateboarding enthusiasts? I think it’s because both sides have their idea about what makes someone a “true” skateboarder, and when you mix different ideas, there’s bound to be some tension.
Skateboards come in all shapes and sizes (longboards being one of them). Still, there’s no denying that most skaters prefer shortboards that allow for more tricks & easier maneuverability on tighter turns or space constraints where skating is needed less often – such as parks or sidewalks with many pedestrians.

On the other hand, longboarders generally prefer longboards that come with a more extended deck and larger wheels, making them more stable for cruising or carving (and much slower). These are great if you’re looking to skate from point A to point B without worrying about tricks, as they are made primarily just for transportation.

What’s important is that both groups have their reasons why they think that theirs should be the most popular form of skateboarding in use today. Still, truthfully there can’t be one single ‘best’ kind of board since different boards offer something unique over another. The key is finding your perfect match between what you want out of skating and how often you plan on using it!

It is easy on the knees!

Skateboarders are always trying to be the toughest guy in town. They see longboards as a “weak” form of transportation and feel easier on your knees than riding a skateboard. But why, if both forms have their benefits?

Skateboarders that have been skateboarding for years from a young age may not be able to put the same amount of pressure on their knees as someone who has only been longboarding. However, people with knee problems might find it easier to ride a longboard because they can control how much weight is being applied.

I think most skateboarders feel threatened by why “easy” and “cool-looking” longboards are. They want to let everyone know that they’re tough guys! But why do you need to prove yourself? You don’t see me going around telling people I’m tougher than them just because my bike has gears instead of breaks, too…right?”

It is a great exercise

Though there is debate, no one will disagree that both have the same health benefits. Skateboarding is more of an exhaustive and progressive exercise, whereas longboarding offers a much less demanding workout.

Skateboarders tend to have shin splints, knee pain, or ankle pains from the repetitive motion on the pavement, leading to chronic injuries such as arthritis. Longboards are typically used for cruising in parks and other areas with softer surfaces that help reduce shock when you land jumps and bumps.

Old school skateboarders argue they need their skills developed for speed control, while longboarders say it’s easier because there isn’t any change in gear ratio throughout the ride.

Longboards usually require more balance than skateboards, but this is why some people think they’re better at slowing down quicker since there’s no pushing involved like skateboards.

Longboarders say skateboarders don’t accept that it’s fun to stand up and have a different perspective on the world. In contrast, skateboarders argue they need balance and power when turning to ride around faster.
Skateboarding is popular because it provides an intense workout, requires precise control, and has been linked with building confidence for young people trying new tricks.

But longboards require fewer skills, which can be why some skaters think they’re easier or why older generations of skateboarders still ride today even though their peers now use longboards.

It is very easy to learn

Unlike skateboard, Longboards are much more beginner-friendly and easier to learn.
The learning curve is not as steep, and the deck of a longboard does not face towards you like in skateboarding which makes it more natural for stability. This allows beginners to worry less about balance or fall off their board while trying to learn how to ride it.
Longboarders can be just as skilled and professional in the tricks they perform on their boards. Several longboarding competitions have been recorded where skateboarders were invited to compete. Still, no matter what level of competition it is, some of them will always win over others because that’s why people who are more experienced at riding choose taller decks with a longer wheelbase for better balance when doing flips and other such tricks.


It is cheaper than other sports

  • why do skateboarders hate longboarders so much? “Skateboarding is more expensive than longboarding!”
    It might be true that skateboards can cost less, but the equipment needed to perform tricks on a board like this is just as expensive. The truth of the matter is that not everyone has access to all these resources, and sometimes people who aren’t able to afford it will end up getting their hands on cheaper versions such as sketch boards which don’t even have any wheels! Skateboards also come with adaptations for younger children in mind since they’re easier to maneuver at smaller heights.
    Longboarders are fortunate enough to share similar benefits because usually, some shops or parks around town can practice skating and get to know some of the locals.
    So why do skateboarders hate longboarders so much? They don’t. In all honesty, we’re just trying to protect a sport that’s dear to us! Skateboarding is more than just a hobby for most people- it becomes who they are as individuals.
    It gives kids with low self-esteem something else about themselves they can be proud of aside from being smart or strong (believe me, I’m not knocking intelligence or strength). Many of these skaters live at home where their parents have no idea what kind of trouble these kids might be getting into out on the streets if it weren’t for this activity which helps keep them off drugs and alcohol. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but yet!

You can use it for both long-distance and short-distance travel

Longboards are great for doing long distances. It is why they are referred to as “longboards.”
You can use them on any terrain, whether it be pavement or dirt roads. When you’re using a skateboard, you have to use the coping, which will wear your shoes out faster and not allow for quick turns unless there’s a lot of .grips
Longboards are great for beginners because they allow you to learn how to skateboard without the fear of falling. It also helps that longboards are much more stable, which gives them a better balance and control.
Skateboards, on the other hand, offer a lot of speed but less stability. When it comes down to it, though, why do skateboarders hate longboarders? The main reason is that skaters think longboarders make skating look bad in general due to their lack of skill level when compared with those who use skateboards or inline skates like rollerblades. Skateboarding will always be seen as something dangerous, while using a longboard makes people feel safe since there’s no risk involved and, most importantly, there’s no fear of falling.
The way longboarders skate seems to be more for show than it is for practicality, and the number of tricks they do to impress others, like doing a manual or riding their board backward, is not things that actual skaters would ever consider doing!

There are several different longboards to choose from

There are a whole variety of choices to suit your driving style and needs. The larger the deck, the easier it is to push with your feet or kick off a curb.

  • Penny board – Lightweight cruiser skateboard type that’s easy to carry around but doesn’t do well on hills
  • Standard longboard – Your average size longboard handles hills fairly well but can be pretty heavy
  • Drop-down longboards – These are designed specifically for downhill mountain driving and have a drop-down shape meaning they’re really low with big wheels to handle tough terrain.
  • Freeride longboards – Similar to the drop down but have a pointed nose and tail, more designed for downhill style skating. These are usually used by skateboarders as well.
  • Downhill longboards – One of the most expensive options that’s also one of the fastest you can get, which is why it attracts so many speed demons. It has an even longer deck than average plus big wheels to achieve high speeds quickly without fear of going over your head and flipping off because you went too fast around a corner or something like that.

You can even make your own longboard

With the growing popularity of DIY, you can make your own longboard
This also means that you can customize the features of your skateboard.
For example, if a person wants their board to be more responsive and have less weight, then they would use lighter materials like bamboo or carbon fiber instead of heavier ones like wood. This feature is why many skaters choose this type of board over a regular one.
Plus, depending on what kind of terrain you want to ride in will determine which material is best for the rider (for example, someone who does not do tricks may need a stiffer deck).

Now let’s talk about the debate, why or do skateboarders really dislike longboards from their point of view.

WHAT Longboarders think!
Skateboarders are too arrogant!
That might not true as well! But why do longboarders think skateboarders are arrogant?
Longboarders believe that the arrogance of a skateboarder is shown through their words and actions. For example, they may say things like “Skateboarding is for me!” or act in an aggressive way to assert dominance over them. Longboards feel threatened by this type of behavior in some cases!

Longboarders think that skating is way too easy!
Which is true, yes, I admit but in a different phrase. It’s beginners friendly!

This argument is invalid because it’s not how difficult the board is to use. It can be easy for somebody who has never skateboarded before but still find longboarding easier than they would an actual skateboard.
Skateboarders think that longboards are too easy to use, and they’re meant for novices. They also argue it’s less cool than skateboarding. Well, a board doesn’t dictate how difficult it is to ride; the skill level of someone who uses it does!

Longboarders are not taking skating seriously!
Yeah! Heard of it before, But why don’t longboarders take skateboarding seriously?
Longboards are more for cruising around and taking it easy. Skateboarding is all about pushing limits, doing tricks in the streets!

It is just a hobby or side sport, so they’re not motivated to get better at it. Some people may even try to go pro!
Skateboarding is also more of a street sport. It’s about doing tricks and going fast, not just cruising as longboarders do!

  1. Skateboarders think that longboarders are not real skaters!

Skateboarders think that longboarders are not real skaters! They don’t understand why a person would want to skate downhill. A lot of them believe it is like walking down the street but on wheels. But some people find this skating more relaxing than regular boarding because they can cruise along at their own pace.

The main difference between longboarders and skateboarders is that the board they use to ride on will be wider and have bigger wheels than a regular skateboard, which means it has more stability. The other big difference is how you turn: with a little push from your inside foot, a longboarder can make sharper turns.

Skateboarders usually have a preference for skateboarding, but why do longboarders get so much hate? A lot of it comes down to the fact that they are seen as inferior in terms of skating ability or knowledge – and some people will even say their board looks girly! However, there is nothing wrong with being girly.

  1. Skateboarders think that longboarders should just get a real skateboard
    Skateboarders think that longboarders should get a real skateboard. They
    sometimes see them as the less superior version of themselves, and why wouldn’t they?
    Skaters are constantly competing with one another to be better than their peers, so it makes sense why some have an issue with people who don’t skate or surf. Skateboarding is more about style, while surfing has waves that create different challenges for skaters, but at the end of the day, when you’re all on your boards – you’re all out there doing what we love best: skating! Longboards will never replace anyone’s favorite board, and if anything looks like they might, then why not embrace change? Let’s keep pushing!!
  2. Longboarders think that skateboarders are not getting it!

Some longboarders think that skateboarders are not getting it. They say that many of them just do tricks for YouTube, and then they talk about why surf culture is better than skateboarding culture. But why does this conflict arise?

Skateboarders think longboards are boring and just for lazy people. However, why is that conflict? The reason why skateboarders despise longboarding maybe because they don’t see it as a sport. On the other hand, longboarders say that their boards make tricks easier to learn than skateboards do. They also feel like it’s not fair to call them “skaters” since they use such different gear!

  1. Longboarders think that skateboarders are out of shape
    Skateboarders are seen as the “cool kids” of the skate/longboarding world. Maybe because they’re more athletic and confident, or maybe because longboarders typically have a lower skill level–either way, this can create some tension between skateboarders and longboarders.
    Longboards can be easier to learn than boards with wheels that roll under your feet (a setup called “skater”). Skaters find it hard to believe why anyone would want to start on something slower; if you think about it, though, why wouldn’t they? Longboards don’t require any balancing skills whatsoever! It’s like learning how to ride a bike without training wheels for the first time!

Skateboarders think that longboarders are not good at skating
Longboarders are not good at skating.
Skateboarders think that longboarders are not good at skateboarding because they have a lower skill level and they don’t skate as fast or do as many tricks, but why is this? Maybe it’s just the fact that you can start on a slower board without any balancing skills whatsoever.
Skaters feel like longboards give people who haven’t learned to balance yet an excuse for why they’re so bad when in reality, everyone starts somewhere! Longboards may seem easier, but there’s no such thing as easy skateboarding: the very first time someone picks up their deck should be treated with respect–just like how we would treat anyone else starting something!

What Skateboarders think!

Skateboarders look at longboards as a very different sport. Skateboarding is more athletic and dynamic, while longboarding seems like it’s just easier. Why would they want to do the same thing? If you wanted something easy, why not just skate or ride a bike? Longboards are no longer about cruising around town – they’re about doing tricks and messing around. And why do longboarders want to be like skateboarders?

  1. Longboards are kind of skateboards, but they are not as good as skateboards
    Skateboarders think of longboards as the bottom of the skateboarding totem pole.
    In fact, they are kind of like a hybrid between a skateboard and an oversized long-time board that is often used for surfing.
    Longboarders think that their boards can do anything from downhill racing to carving through streets in urban environments–and sometimes even skating parks. But why do skateboarders hate longboarders so much? Skateboarders say that the only thing you can really use your longboard for is cruising slowly on flat ground or going down hills at low speeds because it lacks momentum and stability.
    Some might argue that this complaint comes from just not being good enough at using them, while others disagree with both points: why do skateboarders hate longboarders so much?
    Skateboarders say that they have a lot more dexterity because their board is smaller and therefore easier to maneuver. Longboards are heavy, difficult to control, and often get in the way of other people who might be on or near the same path.
    But why do skateboarders really hate longboarders so much? They just don’t want them taking over all skating space as if it’s theirs.
    How can you stop this conflict between two types of boards–longboards vs. skateboards? Skateboarding needs an identity crisis! And there will never be one unless everyone stops hating each other for being different from themselves.
  2. Longboards are not as good as skateboards
    Skateboarders think of longboarders as people who are not as good at skateboarding, so why should they be allowed to share the same space that we would like.
    Skateboarders often consider longboards a form of ‘cheating’, because it is easier and less physically demanding than regular skateboarding.
    Longboarders are also thought to be less skilled because they have a bigger surface area and lower center of gravity.
    This is why skateboarders often tell longboarders that their board isn’t as good – or at least, not as versatile.
  3. If you have been a skateboarder for a while, you probably hate longboarders
    Some tend to believe if you skateboard long enough, you will hate longboarders.
    This doesn’t mean that we don’t like to see the popularity of a good board sport grow, but why do skateboarders and longboards always seem like they conflict?
    What makes it worse is when people have never tried either one before telling us which one is better without even trying them out for themselves. It’s not an easy question to answer because there isn’t any concrete evidence on why this rivalry exists between these two types of boardsports.

4.Skateboarders are jealous of all the attention that longboarders get, and they want to show them that they are better

Skateboarders want to show longboarders that they are better. This is why it’s always skateboards vs. longboards, or why there has never been a collaboration in the sport between skaters and boarders. It makes sense when you think about how people often get into these sports at different times of their life: some people start with skateboarding because it’s easier for them, while others start off with longboarding to have more speed control over where the board goes… Skater pride is something we all experience from time to time, but why does it seem like this rivalry runs deeper than just competing on who’s faster?

(Some tend to believe if you skateboard long enough, you will hate longboarders and vice versa)

5. Longboarders are on a different wavelength, they do not follow the rules, and they do not care about the rules

Longboarders are different animals. They do not follow the rules, and they don’t care about them either. The problem is that skateboarders have to deal with longboards every day, which can be frustrating when you’re just trying to go for a leisurely ride around town or down some hills on your board. Longboarders also tend to take up more space because their boards are bigger than ours.
I know why longboarders do what they sometimes do, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating for skateboarding.

What’s more, the rules of riding a longboard aren’t always clear to everyone — not even those who are already on one. And when you don’t have anyone around to teach you how to ride, chances are there will be people who get offended or frustrated when someone steps in and tries telling them something different from what they’re used to hearing. Skateboarding has enough problems without longboards being added into the mix too!

Longboarders are arrogant!

Skateboarders are more aggressive than longboarders, and they can be territorial. Skateboarding is an activity that requires a lot of skill to do, so people who have been skateboarding for years may not want someone new coming in and doing it better than them or at all. Because they will feel like their whole life’s work has gone down the drain just because somebody else came along with less experience but did better. There could also be other factors why some might not like others skating
longboards, such as; tradition vs. innovation, safety concerns (e.g., speeding), etc. But why does this conflict happen? Most likely, one person started doing something different, which led to these groups and so on until we got to our current situation.

  1. Longboarders are not as good as skateboarders
    A longboarder’s success is determined by how well they navigate a skate park. Skate parks are designed for skaters, and the terrain inside them can be treacherous to a novice longboarder.
  • Longboards have wider wheels which makes it difficult for turning while in motion
  • The deck has more grip tape on it, making gripping the board with your toes or fingers more challenging
  • It’s faster than a skateboard, so if you hit something at high speed, you will go flying off the front of the board onto whatever obstacle was there before hitting that thing
    However, not all skate parks allow longboards because their slower speeds make things dangerous for other people skating around and crashing into each other but also from collisions between two!

Finally, I’d like to say. The conflict is a myth! Because real board riders never have a problem with longboarders.
Skateboarders don’t really hate longboards. They’re just different boards for an other type of riding. But there is one thing that skateboarders and longboarders can agree on- the fight between these two board types affects everyone in the industry! It’s important to consider how your marketing strategy will affect both sides!

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