Nr.1 Quality Jade Bloom Oils – Really Worth It ?

Looking for an essential oils company that you can trust? Look no further than Jade Bloom. With a commitment to quality and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Jade Bloom has quickly become one of the leading essential oils companies in the world.

Here’s what you can expect from them:

– A wide selection of high-quality essential oils

– 100% organic products

– Affordable prices

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Jade Bloom also offers a unique rewards program that allows customers to earn points on every purchase. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future orders, making it easier than ever to get the high-quality essential oils you need.


A Short Company History

A brand of essential oils named Jade Bloom launched in 2014. Company does not have as big of a history as products like Mountain Rose Herbs (established in the 1980s) or Rocky Mountain Oils (in 2004) do.  Jade Bloom Essential Oils is a local company owned and run by a family in Draper, Utah. They sell essential oils and spices globally through their online store,

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Company Principles

Jade Bloom takes the following principles into their business:

– Trust. Every bottle passing distribution center has been associated with an analysis of the product and an analysis of the quality of the product.

– Size & Quantity. All of our bottles are labelled with a batch number. Larger size bottles are offered to better serve our customers who often need a lot of essential oils (think businesses that make soap, oil diffusers, essential oil blends, or bulk sales).

– Convenience. The top cap of each essential oil bottle already has information clearly printed on its surface, while the information on the bottle itself is nicely printed and legible.

– Price. They offers frequent promotions for essential oils customers. They try to make sure they do it easily for everyone by offering discounts, free sampler packs, and other campaigns. They also give customers points that they can earn whenever customers shop at their site (but aren’t committed to any monthly minimum order values).


Health, Healing, & Happiness

Their mission is to help you create an event that is truly unforgettable.

– Use the best scientific studies

– Obsession with customer happiness

– Affordable fitness equipment without skimping on purity


Jade Bloom Essential Oils Quality

Jade Bloom oils are 100% pure natural essential oils. In every bottle, you’ll enjoy pure, natural goodness. Jade Bloom oils are collected from around the world and verified to be non-GMO, and comes from plants that are also organically grown. Jade Bloom sources their raw plants and seeds from growers that do not use or test for pesticides or genetically modified organisms.




Product Line-Up

At the time, there were 130 single essential oils, 65 blends, and 40 different types of carrier oils available.

– Single Essential Oils

– Essential Oil Blends

– Sensitivity Line

– Carrier Oils

– Natural Products


Jade Bloom University

In order to educate their clients, they set up their own college, The Jade Bloom University. The university has launched a free online educational course that claims to educate people on essential oils. Jade Bloom University is an online program that offers academic experiences with the lectures, videos, and discussion boards, and it actually feels like attending the real university of this style. It teaches students the basics about essential oils.


Jade Bloom Return Policy

You can return opened products for any reason within 60 days of initial purchase. You can return unopened products within 6 months of purchase. As long as you return the items in the same condition as you received them, you can receive their full refund or change to get a different item.


jade bloom


In Summary

Overall, Jade Bloom is a solid essential oil brand with good principles and practices of operation.  While they do publish publicly available standardized tests, the Jade Bloom essential oil certification gets my stamp of approval.

Jade Bloom essential oils’ quality proved satisfactory. The company’s GC/MS test results are publicly available, which is great. They provide a lot of educational resources to assist customers understand both the benefits but also the risks of essential oils. That’s what I like to see in an essential oil brand.


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